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Oct 7

Oh my my... what do we have here?

Oct 3

A temporary halt…

So driving home the other day I find myself without the ability to slow down my vehicle. The brake pedal goes to the floor. HOWEVER, thanks to motor braking and the third brake, I managed to make it home safely. 

Now, on to the issue.

Brake fluid is first thing to come to mind. Checked, looks okay but needs to be replaced quite soon. Looking dark in color. 

Notice that the bleed-out nozzle on brake fluid container is closed all the way but letting fluid out in dribbles. Great. Need new brake fluid container.

Going to bleed the brakes and replace the fluid and container.

Oh, happy day.

Good job.

Drunk Driver Tries to Tip Off Oncoming Traffic to Police, Draws Officer’s Attention

A 25-year-old Westlake man was trying to warn fellow drivers of a police cruiser by flashing his high beams at about 7:30 p.m. Sept. 25. Unfortunately, he flashed them right at an oncoming police officer. The officer turned around to see if the man needed help and pulled alongside him at a red light. The driver told the officer that he was just trying to warn other drivers of the police cruiser. The man blew a .135 blood alcohol level and police arrested him for driving under the influence, operators license required and failure to dim headlights.

74 tips to extend the life of your car

A useful little article regarding ways to extend the life of your beloved vehicle.


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2nd Annual Audi Fan GTG

Link to my personal blog/personal car work and updates

My blogger page with personal updates on work I do to my B5 Audi s4. I purchased it about a month ago and am loving it. Future work includes: Intake installation, ceramic header swap, brake line bleeding, exhaust system installation and dual BOV installation (or possibly just new recirculation valves).

Check back every now and then to monitor progress and see how to do it yourself!

My car

My car